Daniel Soong

Unspeakably Awesome


One of the first things one may notice when looking at Daniel Soong would be his eyes. He has stunning blue eyes which give the impression of a hidden smile that might become visible at any given moment. They contrast with his dark hair, clipped close on the sides but styled impeccably on top with not a hair out of place. He is clean-shaven which shows off his high cheekbones and the soft angles of his face.
There is a nearly ethereal look to this man, one which he flaunts with lithe movement and an easy grace. He dresses in muggle fashions more often than not, sticking with snug jeans and some sort of stylish shirt. He is often found in a leather jacket or suit jacket, depending on the look he is going for that particular day. They work well to hide the vine-like, runic tattoos that climb his arms. To the knowing eye, they are a mix of runes and constellations that start on the back of his hands and disappear under his shirt sleeves. On rare(always special) occasions, he will wear the height of wizarding fashion(possibly because his husband put him in it).


Born to an Italian pureblood father and Irish muggle mother, Daniel spent a lot of his childhood dealing with the fact that he was always part of two totally different worlds. His mother died in childbirth, his father in an unfortunate Magical Creatures accident when he was still relatively young. He remembers his early childhood with his father as best that anyone might expect — there was a lot of love there, love that he feels with a wistful nostalgia that he cannot entirely describe.
His grandmother of his mother’s side raised him after that, though his father’s side of the family did keep her in the loop and did all they could to keep Daniel’s childhood uncomplicated and comfortable. He got his Hogwarts letter(as expected) on his 11th birthday and was unsurprisingly sorted into Ravenclaw six months later.
School was a whirlwind of learning, extracurricular, teenage drama, being deep in the closet, and the rise of You-Know-Who. He was the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain from 4th year-onward. He was made prefect in his sixth year of school. He was incredibly bright, athletic and well-liked by his classmates. School did a good job of sheltering him from most of the Hell of the outside world, though he was directly affected by it when his family was killed on Christmas Eve in his fifth year.
That was just the start of a dark path for him. After graduation, he joined the Ministry of Magic, specifically the Department of Mysteries. Not soon after, he was recruited into the original Order of the Phoenix. He was involved heavily in fighting Lord Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters during this time, which affect his work live, his personal life, and eventually his own mental health. By the end of You-Know-Who’s reign, he had been nearly killed multiple times, on top of being manipulated and tortured by the opposing side. He became fragile…or so he believed because everyone around him believed it to be true. He pulled away from everyone except for Darius Nosfertum and Paige O’Callahan, who understood how he felt.
All of this changed when he crossed paths with one thief and con artist, Neroli Rhodes. Never meant to be more than a quick fling, their lives became entangled when they were on opposite sides of one particular mission close to Daniel’s heart. Rhodes was forced into complying with the Order’s demands, and Daniel got to be his ‘jailer’ while he helped them out. It led to complications that led to a deepening of the bond between them. By the time Lord Voldemort finally died, they had confessed they had fallen in love with each other.
The following years involved finally living and building his life with this new person. Neroli encouraged Daniel and challenged him, which Daniel returned in kind. They faced everything together, from issues with their personal lives to helping with all sorts of life-or-death situations as they once again were faced with a ‘fate-of-the-world’ type threat. They married in July of 1983, faced the culmination of the fate of the world threat only a few months later. From there, they went on their way toward facing their own demons, including running off to San Francisco together for a year when things got too rough in London.
It’s now 1989, and they’ve been together for almost six years. Both lead very different lives, but they still find time to make their marriage work. Daniel likes to tell Neroli(now Nero) that they’ve become the Power Couple of the wizarding world.

Daniel Soong

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